I was captivated by the rustic beauty at Old library, Trinity College Dublin.

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto

The polygon-shaped building of Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library treasures several rare old books and has an enigmatic ambiance perfect for reading and writing. It was one of my favorite places to study during graduate studies, and will always be.

Gratitude matters

Be grateful to the person who provided or cooked the food, for cooking is an act of love and kindness. An attitude of gratitude while eating mindfully brings joy with nourishment.

Food is fuel and medicine

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

I found these balancing stones at a silent beach reminding to stay calm and blessed.

A beautiful morning at South Goa. Walking by the sea shore and green space was blissful.

Silent moments at Niagara. I thought about the post-it note and thanked its creator.

From my desk, journaling helps me prioritize and focus on what matters.

As beautifully said by Seneca and my quote’s journal.

This rose tells a story and is a permanent bookmark of my study journal.

Beautiful roses and moments at the Kildare Village.

At a beautiful garden near Dublin, when the walk itself was a meditation.

Pooja Sharma

We do well what we like... And I like reading, walking, running, spectroscopic analysis and transmission electron microscopy.

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